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My thoughts on certain things

Michael's performance @ the BET AWARDS 2003! CLICK TO WATCH!

 would like to set up a few points...

I have been seeing and noticing how many people are intrigued or get intrigued when it comes to the subject of Michael Jackson. They get so fascinated by these top reasons:

  • Veils over the children's heads
  • Baby dangling incident
  • His face
  • Molesting children (ALLEGEDLY!)

Basically they like to compare him as of how he was a teenager to how he is now... a recluse.

Outs of all of these topic's people seem to want to talk about the veils over the childrens heads. The question is just WHY!?!

He has already gone on record and said that simply." I want my children to be protected". Which makes perfect sense! If you're a star- bigger then most of them and your proclaimed "KING OF POP" then your most likely of being hit by burglary or any type of scandal (Example: Child allegations =Extortion)

It makes perfect sense that Michael wouldn't want ANYONE (people who he doesn't know) to see his children because there will always be someone who has a criminal mind and would always want to hurt someone else without probable cause. It's LOGIC. Anyone with common sense would understand that, so does the whole world want to see these innocent children grow up psychologically insane?.

Ok so now that we have that achieved by YOU as the reader . Now here is my next question. WHATS THE BIG DEAL? I have seen so many people say that hes weird for doing that, I don't understand the whole media uproar about this whole situation.

2) Baby dangling

Today I was interviewed by one of my fellow Classmates, he asked me " what do you comment on the baby dangling incident? " I crouched down and said "I dont agree with what he did but what can I do?" I certainly cant turn back the hands of time. Really, Now this was a year ago and people still question his parenting skills (CRAP). All the man wanted to do was show his fans the newest addition to his family. Wow, he felt he was doing something of innocence. I believe him as many also do. But in society we got some hardheaded people up in this world. They always have their say & when they do, I do the smart thing and turn the hell around! When it comes to it, it doesnt concern anyone. Circumstances being what they are, people WILL get into it. Thats BAD! I basically just want to tell people like  Gloria Allred (cough) or whats her face to shut the hell up & to listen to Michael and really listen to his words!

3) His infamous face

" I wish he looked the way he did back when he was still Black " is what I have heard o-so many times. No question about it! Im sure my MJ people will back me up on that and say that they have heard it too. What I really dont understand is people judge him & say  oh hes ugly as fuck, Come On people! Ive noticed that half of those people shouldnt even be talking! Because to me they are not gorgeous as they may think that they are! If you really look into Michaels eyes you would agree that he is a beautiful person. I must say that I don't know my attraction to him, but I just do, I LOVE the way he looks! & Im NOT Afraid to say it! Yes Im ridiculed, who gives a flying rats ass? Of what other people think? I have come to realize that people would just say about anything to get a rise out of you & thats not getting me anymore so now they are cutting back on the crap! Which may or may not be a good thingJ basically what yall need to know is that hes beautiful and dont believe all the superficial crap people say! Believe what you believe and keep your head high and stay strong!

4) Molesting Children ( ALLEGEDLY!)

Have we all as a community failed to feel love for a complete stranger? Sure does seem like it & I want to know why this is . I really do. If you look in history we all come from the same place. In reality we are all brothers and sisters. We all had to start out somewhere. So why is that we have all just drifted apart and began to treat each other like crap? Don't say that you haven't seen any act as such committed by you OR someone you know because you have! So why? That's my question, WHY can't people see Michael's love towards Children as just simply innocent and simple? Have we really become that IGNORANT? Why is that a grown man cant share a bed with loved ones with out anything bad happening? There are people in the world who wouldn't DARE touch or hurt a child on purpose or wouldn't at ALL! Our very own Michael Jackson is one of them, people don't want to believe that. AS much as we work at it to turn peoples thought there will always be someone who will turn their shoulder. I hate that , there isn't anything that I can say . But people open your eyes and your hearts and see that Michael is a True man & will always be  one!

Peace Michael! I love you!
Self Explanatory...

A little Disclaimer:
I am a Michael Jackson fan. I know someone will Ask why i am, but here is my honest truth. I love Michael Jackson because he is NOT like Many artist out these days, I mean im not trying to be a hypocrit or some shit like that and say I hate "These artist out are such crap! " and then listen to them. he has this innocence in him, beautfiful voice, Really does love his fans and loves everything that we do. I heard that boy bands take the posters  that fans make for them and have them burned the next DAY! .. okay , how bogus is that ? ...Michael has a seperate limo  for all posters and gifts from fans and saves them...Hes loyal!!! Michael has this childlook innocence. Since he has been in the spotlight  since he was 5. I ask myself  what do people really expect from him? To be snooty and bitchy? what? they want him to act like Barbara Walters? they should be happy about the way he IS ...STRONG!!! hes strong!  Sure okay, hes emotional but he is one strong man, in my opinion . he suffers through a lot of shit with the press. "FUCK THE PRESS MICHAEL YOUR THE BEST!" he's My father of inspiration . he tells me to go for all i can and never give up even though i may suck at something, and even if i do suck at something then that means that i do need to try harder. I really feel sorry for people who wont give him a chance, I mean THEIR SAD!  
I really get irritated at all these stupid ignorant ass comments people make. but we as 'fans' stick together and try to defend our dear gloved one. WE ARE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY. When ever a fan is going through something the other fan will know exactly how they feel  and know what exactly to say to the person  I can proudly say that im part of this big family. I have pen pals from around the world. Im in discussion boards.. etc etc... Ive got the whole deal down
If you read this, know this, I dont want to hear what you have to say about Michael, i dont want to hear any of your stupid comments. Say something smart and i will simply answer your ass by saying : " Okay hon, Instead of telling me this stupid shit why dont you go to Neverland and tell Michael your self? ... oh yeah RIGHT! OOPS i forgot you cant afford it! just by looking at your stank ass i know you CANT afford to go ! " Im VERY defensice when it comes to the subject of Michael. If you want respect then you have to earn it and thats THAT!
Im going to answer questions  i know will be asked:
Vitilligo: Michael hackson has a skin disorder - or should i say condition that was passed down from generations in him family. It destroys the pigment of the skin making it porclean white, Michael would never bleach his skin. he never thought " OH MY GOD! I want to be WHITE! " Its NOT TRUE!  NOW go try and Argue that with people who sit out in the sun and try to make themselves darker! I Will NOT answer questions about his face, all i can say is that he has had 2 nose surgeries but either then that i dont care! Its not my business nor should it be the publics. And NO im not admitting anything so yall can shoot that back in your pants!
-Michael Has this love for chidlren , You will Not know if you dont open your eyes or your heart. This man had his childhood taken from him and only wants to compensate for it . I personally dont see anything wrong with that , i know what think about when they think  MIchael + kids= Molester Which  the term for that is STUPID!, Michael would never endager the life of a child. I promise you that .. GIve Michael a chance
I know people i know  will read this ... but if you think im crazy then screw you! i dont care what you think nor will i ever!

Innocent Until Proven Innocent!

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