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.::Minnie Dia::.

Thoughts And Artwork

My creative side...NEW UPDATE!!!

It's Time

You seem so near and dear,
On the outside and inside i dont fear.
School isnt my Sanctuary,
you arent my temple,
I dont know you,
I thought i did,
I dont, truth lies behind true eyes.
I thought i saw the proof in you.
Love is painful, that i know now,
If this is true Then i dont want to fall in passion of lust.
When i was young, Everything was joyful
Never hurt inside the soul.
YOu kissed me with lips so soft, holding my heart thinking we would never fall apart.
You said you loved me, this you said, was it something you meant?
we are young, you said that since we first glanced our eyes to each others site, you would never look again.
did that mean i had to do the same?
never Falling in love someone else again,
This was long ago, here we are
Am i still the one?
Now since we talk we always fight.
Are we still there?
Calling to say those words  " I love you" seems like a chore you do.
I know its still true.
Do you feel the same way i do ?
Its hard to turn your head away from the Tv set
Life never fades, People do
I think our love isnt as strong as it once was, Although i wish it did.
We must learn to let go.
The way you made me feel... just... made me feel protected 'till  Judegement day reveals our true will.
now thats over, Its time to breathe.
I must let go,
It thought you should do the same.

DIA -11/18/04

Dia productions.